We have the services of AAA Accounting & Business Services available. Their input in the way in which we address all aspects of our tax obligations and financial decision making has proven to be a great resource that provides clarity and confidence in our decisions.

The way in which AAA addresses and clarifies any queries we may have relating to our finances, tax calculations and various other queries, is also a great resource to have available. That ongoing service shows that their clients are their number one priority.

Andrew Tabaczynski
MRT Industries Pty Ltd

There are many accountants around. How do you choose? How do you pick out the best among them? In my opinion, a good accountant must possess the following attributes:

Honest and trustworthy; Knowledge; Updating his knowledge all the time, in these forever changing
political climate where taxation laws are changing all the time; Friendly, approachable; good communicator; good service is paramount; attitude and attention to detail, and willing to go out of his way to help clients.

Wilson possesses all the above and more. He is a godsend for small business operators. Above all, he is a friend. He is an excellent accountant.

Dr. Christopher Tang B.D.Sc. (Melb.) L.D.S. (Vic.)

As any small business operator will know, operating in today’s environment of Goods and Services Tax, Fringe Benefits Tax, Superannuation Guarantee and the constantly changing legislation surrounding the many various allowances has become nearly impossible without the guidance of a professional accountant.

AAA provides the answers. Wilson Fung has been an invaluable addition to our team his firm operates with the efficiency I would expect from an internal department of our own office. His service has been exemplary and his advice has been invaluable.

Jon Eighteen
General Risk Solutions Pty Ltd T/a Risk Agents Insurance Professionals

I own a medical professional company and a DIY superannuation fund. The tax issue is like a maze to me. The exit of maze is an ideal situation, i.e. to get most benefit from taxation while avoid of being punished by claiming wrong items or wrong doing. I can never understand how the tax system works. I have no idea how to go through the maze to get to the exit. It is the AAA accounting service helps me to go through the maze successfully. With its service I have gained the most benefit the taxation system allows while I don’t have to worry the penalty. I will recommend any medical company like mine to use its service.

Dr Zhong Wang
Zhong Xiong Wang Pty Ltd

I have been running travel agent for more than 15 years now. Before with AAA Accounting, I have no idea what is accounting and why is it important to my business. Since I use AAA Accounting’s Services I receive up to date financial report and learn some of the Key Performance Indicators which valuable to my business. It guides me on how well my business is performing. I have no hesitate to recommend to any small business.

Penny Lam
Penny Lam Travel