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Business Coaching

aaa accounting recognises that providing a comprehensive service for our clients is one the fundamentals of a strong, lasting relationship. As a result we have formed a strategic alliance with
Bizminded Pty Ltd to partner in providing our clients with the business coaching services. Bizminded is Victoria Master Franchises for Mars Venus Coaching.

Mars Venus Coaching provide training programs, workshops, life coaching, and executive coaching services that dramatically enhance personal and organisational performance in the areas of leadership, teamwork, communication, relationships, and life-management skills.
Mars Venus specialise in presenting and implementing their proven seminars and coaching programs to organisations and individuals. Empowering people to take action on what they have learned, and providing them with the tools to achieve results far beyond anything they have ever experienced before.

What most sets Mars Venus apart from other coaching and training companies is that over $50 million has been spent establishing and marketing the Mars Venus brand throughout the world. Research shows that 98% of people are aware of the Mars Venus brand, giving it a strong and credible position in the marketplace.

There is nothing on earth more valuable to an individual’s or an organisation’s success than the experience of someone who is already producing the results he or she desires. If you can gain access to world-class leaders and organisations and learn from their experience, you will save years of time, energy, and frustration in your personal and professional life. Mars Venus coaches are able to compress decades of experience into days of profound learning and knowledge.

Mars Venus Coaching is a team of totally dedicated, passionate, positive, and resourceful professionals who are united in their purpose to better the lives of those who seek enrichment and balance, consistently inspire and motivate those who strive to succeed, and enhance the vision of those who dare to dream.
So if you are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others and are highly motivated and ambitious, this may just be the unique and powerful opportunity you have been looking for.
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Finance Services

aaa accounting recognises that providing a comprehensive service for our clients is one the fundamentals of a strong, lasting relationship. As a result we have formed a strategic alliance with Mallard Business Solutions and Penny Lam to partner in providing our clients the commercial and domestic finance.


Commercial Finance

We understand that small business in Australia require a variety of finance products to best match the financial aspects of their business. Alliance e-finance offer the option of Rental, Lease and Hire Purchase.

We finance a broad range of business equipment. List below is some of the equipment we finance.

Desktop Computers & Notebooks
Servers & IT Storage
Telephone Systems
Office furniture
Motor vehicles
Office Equipment

Insurance Services & Risk Management

aaa accounting recognises that providing a comprehensive service for our clients is one the fundamentals of a strong, lasting relationship. As a result we have formed a strategic alliance with
Risk Agents and Horana Pty Ltd to partner in providing our clients with commercial and personal insurance services.

Whether you are individual and/or running your own business, knowing your risk is important. It is also vital key for your family and business survival in long run. Even if you have insurance but not enough insurance cover, it can be disaster.

At Risk Agents, we provide service more than just an insurance agent, we ensure that your personal and business have sufficient cover. We will contact you at least once year to ensure your circumstance up to date and cover is sufficient.


We offer the following insurance products services

Commercial Insurance


Personal Insurance

Business Insurance   Home Content Insurance
Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance  
Motor Vehicle Insurance
Caravan Trailer Insurance
Farm Insurance      
Workcover compensation    
Professional Indemnity    
Trade Insurance    

Your business might have business insurance, professional indemnity, workcover compensation and motor vehicle insurance. But does your business have Keyman and Business-Partnership Protection insurance. If not, your business are still at risk. This is one of the reason why caused many business disruption or fail.

Keyman insurance is a kind of corporate-owned life insurance which will insure you (the employer) against the incapacitation or death of a key employee.

Business-partnership protection insurance is a safety net to ensure the surviving business partners have enough funds to buy out the interest in the business, or compensate the deceased partner’s dependants. This is also protect your business fall into some one hand who may have little interest in the business or - at worst - may be hostile to your objectives

This is what Horana Pty Ltd specialise in, we offer the following insurance products services

Life insurance
Business-partnership protection insurance
Income protection insurance
Keyman insurance

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Accounting & Business Advisory

Timely and reliable financial reporting with analysis of financial performance is critical to small business success and growth. Day-to-day pressures on small business operations often mean that inaccuracies in financial information occur and rigorous financial analysis is neglected.

Our team has extensive experience in assisting clients compile the necessary information required to understand and improve their financial analysis and hence their performance creating meaningful financial indicators and planning tools to suit the specialised needs of each client, depending on their business structure.


The key services which our business provides are:

Accounting System Setup
Preparation of Financial Statements
Budgeting and planning
Financial ratio analysis
Business plans
Company and secretarial
Business valuations
Business advising
Succession planning

Self managed superannuation fund management & compliance

Superannuation is becoming increasingly complex and more difficult to understand and manage. Since the introduction of Transition Retirement Pension and Account Based Pension, individuals and businesses require professional who has good knowledge and experiences to provide advice

Our team is well positioned to recommend on the establishment and management of self managed superannuation funds. This experience ranges from superannuation fund establishment through to preparation and completion of accounts, taxation and Superannuation Industry Supervisory (SIS) Act compliance, lodgement processes and the necessary annual audit process.

More importantly, our team has a comprehensive knowledge of eligible termination payments and rollovers, reasonable benefits limits and excess benefit strategies. With this knowledge we provide appropriate tax minimization advice for our clients when they retire with effective pension strategies.


The key SMSF and Retirement Planning sernvices offered by aaa Accounting are:

Establishment of a Self Managed Super Fund.
Preparation of financial accounts
Taxation and SIS Act compliance lodgement
Auditing of SMSF
Advice on eligible termination payments & rollover, appropriate pension strategies, superannuation guarantee, etc.

Tax planning & compliance

Specialised and fully comprehensive Tax Planning and Compliance is an important objective for all successful businesses and individuals.

aaa accounting team is highly experienced in taxation planning for long term wealth creation and retirement planning. This should be addressed sooner rather than later, for both individuals and small family businesses in order to capitalise over time, on the cumulative effect of a well developed taxation strategy.

Taxation planning is also an important element in developing appropriate remuneration strategies to aid in the retention of key employees and to provide motivation to optimize the profitability of our clients’ business activities.


The key Taxation services that aaa Accounting provides are:

Business structuring for asset protection and income tax purposes
Preparation and lodgement of tax returns
Compliance with tax laws
Tax planning
Tax consulting on Income Tax, GST, PAYG and Fringe Benefit Tax.
Taxation Audits
Remuneration planning and
WorkCover compensation.

Investments Adviser & Financial Planning Services

aaa accounting recognises that providing a comprehensive service for our clients is one the fundamentals of a strong, lasting relationship. As a result we have formed a strategic alliance with Investment Planning Services to partner in providing our clients with the following services.


The key Investment services provided by our strategic partner are:

Investment advice
Financial planning
Wealth management

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Domestic Finance

Whether you're ready to buy your first home, need a home loan to buy an investment property or want to find out an alternative for saving up the twenty percent deposit for your home loan. We can help you make the right move and stay on top.

As professional mortgage broker, we can access to hundred selections of home loans. We give you professional advice and find you a suitable lending solution. This will save you time and effort to find a right home loan.

Why use a professional mortgage broker?

We have many clients who submit their home loan application by themselves without access whether their eligibility or whether the home loan is suitable to them. As a result, they either all get decline for the home loan or paying higher interest rate.

When client’s home loan application declined, it will record in their credit report. Some clients end up with excessive loan applications recorded in their credit report which make them harder to get finance later day.

As professional mortgage broker, we access your personal circumstances, give appropriate advice, find appropriate home loan product to suite your need and access all the home loan requirements before submitting the application on behalf of you.

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